New Page and New Reward Level for the Kickstarter

A new page is up! Can Caitlin keep her new job secret?

The Kickstarter is officially 46% funded and we have 15 days left. We will be pushing it hard after Labor Day until the end since I believe our slow start has to do with summer vacations and school starting. Any backing, posting or retweeting will be greatly appreciated.

We also have a new reward level – A STEAMPUNK STERLING SILVER PLATED BRASS FILIGREE RING! Designed by none other than Dr. Brassy Steamington!

Sterling Silver Steampunk Ring for Boston Metaphysical Society Kickstarter

For those of you who don’t know, I’m a guest reviewer for Fanboy Comics.  I usually do indie comics, but occasionally I will do more mainstream comics and the occasional novel. Here are my latest for your reading pleasure.



Have a great holiday weekend!