Brass-T Publishing

Brass-T Publishing is the imprint under which the following titles are published:

Kickstarter for the Independent Creator (1st and 2nd editions)

Boston Metaphysical Society: The Scourge of the Mechanical Men

Boston Metaphysical Society: A Storm of Secrets

Boston Metaphysical Society: The Spirit of Rebellion (2019)

Source Point Press

Source Point Press Logo

Source Point Press will be publishing the following titles in 2019/2020:

The original six issue mini-series of Boston Metaphysical Society and Boston Metaphysical Society: The Complete Series.

The individual issues are available to pre-order through PreviewsWorld right now and are available in digital format at Spinwhiz Comics.



Boston Metaphysical Society was created, is owned, and

copyrighted by Madeleine Holly-Rosing.