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Boston Metaphysical Society: The Ghost Ship is an eight-episode steampunk supernatural audio drama.  Originally a graphic novel, the series is about an ex-Pinkerton detective, a spirit photographer, and a genius scientist who battle supernatural forces in late 1800s Boston. The Ghost Ship takes place during our original six issue mini-series. It follows the story of our three main characters, Samuel, Caitlin, and Granville as they investigate a mysterious ghost ship that has sailed into Boston Harbor and is not only killing those who board her, but luring children to their death.

To help make The Ghost Ship happen, I brought on the amazing team of Eddie Louise and Chip Michael of the steampunk scifi audio drama Sage and Savant to handle script editing, audio engineering and direction, as well the music.

 Each episode will be approximately 30 minutes long with a full cast, special effects, and original music.

UPDATE – 1/31/22

We are currently in post-production with Kickstarter Rewards scheduled to be delivered in Feb./March 2022.  If you weren’t part of the campaign, the flash drive and CD will be on sale at a later date. Bookmark this page for updates.


Meet our cast:

  Emily C. A. Snyder (Caitlin O’Sullivan) cut her teeth playing Shakespeare from Stratford-upon-Avon to New York City. Recent audio drama projects include: singing as Lara Montez for Tim Sheinman’s “Copy? Right!” video game, playing Flick in Fiona Thraille’s “Upstairs Upstairs” for the 11th Hour Productions Challenge/Dashing Onions Audio, voicing the Countess Olivia in ChopBard’s audio production of “Twelfth Night,” as well as hosting her own podcast, “Hamlet to Hamilton: Exploring Verse Drama.” She has also written several audio drama pieces for Quirky Voices Presents.

Ryan Philbrook (Samuel Hunter) is an American voice actor who has recently appeared in audio fiction such as Liberty: Tales from the Tower and VAST Horizon, and in animated projects such as Donuts: The Hole Story, But First We Nap, and The Best Seat. He produces the comedic web series Fauxmercial Friday, which is expected to return for its fifth season later this year.

  Martin Davis (Granville T. Woods) is a Professional Actor and Voice Over Artist out of Plainfield, IL Originally from NJ, Martin has been acting and doing Voice Over for 2 years. Prior to going into Acting, Martin was a Subject Matter Expert and Consultant in Physical Security and a published author. He wrote the book “Are We There Yet? /The Ultimate Challenge”. Martin was also known to write and produce Dance Music back in the early 90s.

  Kristen Udowitz (Narrator) a professional voiceover artist with over 20+ years voicing radio and TV commercials, promos, e-learning, documentary and crime-show narrations. Clients include Discovery, PBS, National Geographic Channel, Giant, Domino’s Pizza, Hugo Boss, IKEA, Northrop Grumman and many more. Hear her work at


  Boyd Barrett (Charles Emerson) After decades of acting on stage, and in several short and feature films, Boyd Barrett has been focusing his talents in the world of voice acting and audiobook production. He’s done a number of film roles and won Best Actor in the Roswell Sci-Fi Digital Shootout in 2011. Boyd has voiced dozens of characters for audio dramas as well as producing some of his own.

Ryan Hoyle (Jimmie McClaren)  is a Texas based voice actor known for appearing in independently produced visual novels, animations and podcasts.  Most recently in the podcasting sphere he appeared as college student Dexter Sullivan in The Path Down, produced by Leslie Gideon.  Originally a theater kid, he transitioned to voice work mostly because no one was going to cast this innocent looking face as Sweeney Todd.

HB Gibson (Thomas Edison) Multi-Talented Artist and Newark, New Jersey native, HB Gibson has been acting for 15 years with a diverse field in stage, off-Broadway and a variety of films. He has expanded his talents into voice-over and can be heard on the animated pilot episode of Dishes as the character of Walter Witherspoon and the trailer of the comic, Book of Lyaxia, as the character of Deimos Lyaxia. HB also can be heard in other exciting projects.

Additional Cast: Rob Davis, Bennett Cousins, Aud Andrews, David Tilstra, Alex Ross, Fiona Thraille, and Tal Minear.

Written, created, and produced by Madeleine Holly-Rosing

Audio Director, Composer, and Announcer: Chip Michael

Script Editor and awesome mentor: Eddie Louise Clark

Executive Producers: Madeleine Holly-Rosing and Michael Hemmerick



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